Holy Santa’s Balls!

Just wanted to get this out there and remind everyone that Christmas is this coming Monday.. that means a lot of you chose to order during the busiest week of the year, especially if you’re one of the people that ordered today or yesterday. So delays should be expected on your shipments. I wish I could do something about it, just magically zap them to your doorsteps, but unfortunately, I am as helpless as anyone else. Once I drop off the packages at the post office it is entirely in their hands. We can only hope that we experience as little delays as possible and what orders we do have delayed are only for a short time.

So please bear with me while we ride out this holiday season. Everybody will get their packages, it just might take a little longer because of this crazy time of year. An article from the USPS website stated that nearly 3 billion pieces of first-class mail will be delivered this week. They even announced some cut off times for orders that will or will not probably make it by the 25th. You can read that article here.


Thank you all for your patience during this whacky time of year! Let’s get through this together and then back the hell to normal! Hah.

Happy Holidays!



Blue Drop Inc.


*Christmas Delays (Please Read!)*

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