As many of you know, a change in the law in India where the active ingredient is sourced for the cleaner has ended the blister packs coming into the US. I busted my ass to get what I could, had to pay way extra and it was a big pain in the ass but I didn’t want to leave you stranded with nothing to clean all your messes with haha.

So the prices given the situation are $20/pack.

The good news is that I will soon be selling a liquid version of my signature cleaner you all know and love and it will be even cheaper and stronger than the blister pellets! I also plan on making my own cleaning pellet formulation with top of the line quality control that will be very popular! Just like the liquids they will come in different strengths and be much cheaper. So better product for less money! I’m working as fast as I can on this for all of you. I’ll update as the process moves along.

But for now, if you want the last blister packs any of us are going to see maybe ever or at least for a long long while, send me an email.

Limited supply so first come first serve and larger orders take priority.

Thanks everyone! We ain’t dead yet!


Last Packs Ever In Stock: VERY limited supply

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