I have some new stock in, same brand as last time. I don’t have a ton so it will go fast. It’ll be first come first serve. $9/pack and $7 for standard 2-3 day shipping or $22 for one day express.

Send me an email if you are looking to order with the amount you’d like.

Thanks! Remember it’s first come first serve to keep it fair. I’ll have plenty more coming in the next few weeks as well.

New Small Batch of Stock In

One thought on “New Small Batch of Stock In

  • August 18, 2020 at 1:08 pm

    His orders came within a week and were exactly As promised the quality in content were as I expected them to be and he responds almost immediately so I have no complaints with this dealer matter of fact he is the easiest and fastest in the in the and his product is perfect.

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