Some new stock has arrived. It’s not a really large amount so it won’t last long (you guys know how it goes haha) so I’m just going to do a first come first serve basis to keep it fair. It’s the same brand as last time.

Email me to get your order in before it’s too late! I’m working on getting more stock in at once so I don’t sell out as fast but it seems no matter what I have it vanishes instantly. I’ll work it out though no worries. Hoping by the end of this month to have a good solution.

Looking forward to hearing from you and filling your orders!



New Small Stock In

One thought on “New Small Stock In

  • September 9, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    I was wondering the brand of the research chemical pellets and am interested in the prices if you have some available. Was a loyal customer in the past on other websites you’ve operated from but if you could tell me the price or quantity discounts if there are any I appreciate if you let me know. I can sent payment via Zelle or bitcoin or CC depending what you accept as payment. anyway good to hear you coming back Scag! Hope to do some business with you soon. You were my only supplier for a good 2 years and always on point so I hope to do business with a professional honest business person you are. Good to hear from ya. Hope to hear from ya. Best wishes to you and your family and friends – stay healthy out there. Blessing

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