Hey everyone. To prevent an influx of emails all asking the same question:

Because of the promotion, I got a ton of orders, more than anticipated, so I’m a bit backlogged right now. So many of you will have to wait for tomorrow to get your orders shipped. Sorry about that. I’m working as fast as I can to get to as many orders as I can but it’s just me and I can only get to so many orders in one day. But I will get those that were processing today that didn’t get out, tomorrow and have them shipped.

Also, the stock will run out soon. But I have plenty more on the way and will try my best to keep the site stocked from then on out.

Anyway, so if your order is slightly delayed it’s just because of the backlog jamming it up. But no worries I will get to it asap!

Thank you, everyone!


Blue Drop Inc.

Order Updates (Backlogged)

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