Hey everyone I just wanted to make this post so I didn’t have to respond to everyone’s emails saying the same thing. I had a tech issue yesterday on the admin side. I was only able to get a couple orders processed before this issue occurred and by the time I fixed it, it was already 4:30 so the day was shot. :-/

So I apologize for not getting everyone’s orders out yesterday that were supposed to go out. Everything is all good now though so everybody who had orders processing yesterday will get their packages shipped today.

I also plan on making it up to you guys (plus why not?). I’m going to be doing a sale again. All day this Friday, all packs will be $8! I might make the sale run to Saturday too, but we’ll see. You’ll all be emailed the details but you can expect for now that at least starting this Friday, packs with be $8 all day!

I also have some new inventory in and I’m going to put it up for sale shortly.

Thanks, everyone!


Blue Drop Inc.

Orders Update and Promo

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