Hey everyone.

So I’m currently out of stock of both cleaners. New stock should be in…in about a week or so. As always I will send out an email to the mailing list letting everybody know the second the stock is in and up for sale on the site.

(*If you’ve yet to join the email list, I highly recommend you do. You can subscribe right on the website.*)

I’m also going to be doing a 2 day 20% off sale when the new stock arrives so look out for that! By then, the credit card processor will hopefully be back online and transactions will go back to how they used to be, with the shopping cart and direct payment with credit/debit cards here on the site. Finally! Hah.

One more thing. The business has become very big. I’m getting more and more customers every day, which means more and more emails every day. So I won’t be able to continue such quick response times like I have been known for in the past. There’s just too many people, too many emails,  and I’m just one person. Still, I plan on keeping email response time (unless it’s some emergency kind of issue) to 12-24 hours). As much as I wish I could respond to you guys 10 minutes or an hour later it’s just not feasible anymore. :-/  Of course, I will still do my very best to respond as fast as I possibly can.

So thank you, everyone! You guys are the best!

Talk soon!


Blue Drop Inc.

Out of Stock/Update

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