Hey everyone. Seeing as there have been a bunch of new member signups to the site (very cool by the way! Hope those new to the site enjoy!) I figured I should post an update on when new stock will come in.

I’ll have a decent amount of stock coming in 1-2 weeks, hopefully less than 2 weeks. Week and a half-ish. Depending on how fast shipping goes (you know how it is unfortunately) it might be sooner rather than later so I’m hoping for sooner. I’ll have some new brands and new strengths as well.

I also hope to get the on site credit card transactions back online for this new stock to make ordering much easier on both our ends.

I am working on getting a shipping schedule together so that there isn’t such long wait times between stock anymore. I should hopefully have that sorted after this next stock comes in. We’ll see but I’m doing my best.

If anybody has any questions (new users, old users, whatever!) feel free to shoot me an email admin@bluedropinc.com.

Make sure if you are not yet signed up for the mailing list that you do so, that way you wont miss any stock updates, sales, news, etc.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you all updated.

Stay good ya’ll!


Stock Update

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