So with the holidays, storms, etc, I also have been affected by shipping delays. But rest assured I have plenty of stock arriving shortly, week or so, and have put a system in place with my suppliers to remain in stock indefinitely. Also, once the new stock comes in, prices of all packs will drop to $9. Sales they will go for $8! Which I plan on doing multiple each month.

So I know the lack of stock until I’m replenished is annoying, and I apologize. I should have reordered earlier but I didn’t think all I had would go so quick! Hah. Which is a good thing but the downside is we’re gonna have a short period where I won’t have any stock :-/ Now the upside is that when my inventory does come in, you’ll be getting the same quality product for less, just $9/pack! And I will constantly be replenishing supply so we don’t run into this issue again.

I will make a new post and send out a mass email to everyone on the mailing list when the new stock arrives and is up for sale on the site.

So until then just bear with me. Thanks, guys!

Much love,


Blue Drop Inc.

Stock Update

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