Naturally, I have been getting a lot of emails asking if I have any product. So I thought I would just make a site wide post.

With things the way they are in the world and so many borders shut down and such a delay with global mail it’s been difficult, but I do have packages coming. Hopefully within a couple weeks they will be here but who knows with this virus stuff going on so I can’t give a specific timeline when I’ll be stocked again.

Just know that I have orders out and they will come in eventually. It will just be delayed longer than normal. I’m hoping in 2 weeks I will at least have something. I will make a post and send out an email the moment I have anything or when I know a more precise date I will have stock.

In the meantime, I wish you all good health and security. Stay safe, don’t panic, we will all make it through this, and I promise I am doing everything I can on my end to navigate this craziness and get stock in however I can and I am confident that I will.

Thank you all for your patience!

-Much Love From Scag and Blue Drop Inc.

Stay safe!

Update on Stock During These Crazy Times

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